From Concept to Reality

Established in 2009 Ocean Gecko Design and Marine Services Inc. has steadily added to its portfolio. With a skilled workforce our design and project management capabilities can realise your dreams and transform ideas into reality. Branching out from our beginnings of large vessel conversions we now do interior design projects for residential and commercial properties that are looking for something that sets them apart. As well as this we manufacture the ‘Grabber’ range of fishing and day boats; the only Philippine built boats to be CE RCD certified.

Converting Outdated to Sensational

With 3 major yacht conversions to our name we know what it takes to undertake these huge projects. The complexity found on board large yachts requires a broad knowledge base of electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fit out - Ocean Gecko has the knowledge to integrate these systems with our skilled team covering every skill set required for large Yacht conversions and refits. All of our conversions have been built to various Flag State rules that hold us to standards and ensure peace of mind for our clients.

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Designed for You

Everybody's individual. We listen to our clients and work closely with them to tailor products that you envisage. Our projects typically have a front heavy design package as we try and iron out potential issues. This approach enables clients to see their projects unfolding on the screen long before major equipment purchasing. General arrangements, engineering and living space fit out details are all ready for client approval before construction work begins.

Reinvent your space

Condos, houses and commercial areas - let the Ocean Gecko team transform your space and create a whole new look. We apply the same logic to our interior spaces as the yachts and have a proven track record with a number of stunning houses, condos and restaurants.

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Making waves

Experience one of our production boats and see why we’re ahead of the game. If you want a boat thats well engineered, looks great and has the performance to match, then get your family into an Ocean Gecko boat and start making waves.

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